Product Description

Product Name:BALLERINA


Material:Sandpicture, frame and base of lacquered wood, pol

Minimum Order:1

Delivery Lead Time:3-7 Days

Delivery FOB Port:TAICHANG

Payment Condition:T/T

Detail Specifications

The Grace & Beauty of the Ballerina
Is it time for a really nice sandpicture from Klaus Bosch? The hand-numbered Ballerina is a gorgeous art piece. Large enough to be the nicest art piece in the room and yet still just the right size for the desk top. Just be warned – you might not get much else done other than watching the Ballerina delicately create amazing mountains, valleys and dunes. The Ballerina is indeed extraordinary.

• The Ballerina is a smooth black wood with poles that swivel the sandpicture easily.
• Prominent sand colors are brown, orange and gold. The gold / orange colors against the brown sands are stunning.
• Dimensions are 20 x 13 x 3-3/4”.
• The Ballerina is hand-numbered by Klaus himself.
• It also comes with a certificate showing the year it was made to enhance the collectability of this piece.